Unforgettable Butterfly Experience

We are missing summer already and wanted to bring you something cheerful this November to brighten up dark evenings with a splash of colour…:)

Professional product designer, Richard Hadfield, (Puma, BMW, Adidas) was looking for a gift for his mother Ann, a vegetarian and keen butterfly conservationist, and noticed that taxidermy butterflies in 3D frames are a very popular choice across interior design and concept stores.

“Real butterflies specimens have been a sought after interior design choice since the Victorian times. They can be seen for sale in many of the luxury design shops throughout the Netherlands and beyond. As beautiful as taxidermy butterfly specimens are, the farming of butterflies for display purposes is a little sad and outdated.”

Instead of simply buying a dead butterfly, Richard decided to follow the family tradition and make his mother a gift, a truly vegetarian-friendly photo-realistic 3D butterfly that would not only be ethical but also beautiful and long lasting. He enjoyed making it so much that in the end he made three. The butterflies were a hit and attracted so many compliments that he has launched The Butterfly Art Shop.

Ethical and beautiful, the butterflies are made using a combination of modern and traditional techniques and responsibly sourced paper. First printing using a giclee technique, then laser cutting, then traditional press moulding, followed by hand finishing. A moulded silicon body insert is added by hand, to maintain the shape of the body and then individually hand made antenna are added by one of the experienced model makers.

The butterflies are between 400%-1600% bigger than the butterfly they represent!

Real butterflies fade in colour when they die. Pinned taxidermy butterfly specimens are very dull as a result. Our handcrafted beauties have been colour-matched to the living colour of real butterflies. The museum grade, heavy-weight paper used is acid free, made in Japan to the highest standard and is from sustainable forests. The combination of this media and the ultra-chromatic ink, carries an 80yr lifetime guarantee against colour shift.

Taxidermy butterfly specimens are very delicate. Knocking, or shaking a display case can cause parts to fall off and further degrade the colour of the wings as the ‘rainbow dust’ surface falls away. Our butterfly art is strong and has the benefit that no dust and debris build up inside the inclosed display case.

Customer Comments:

“Stunning, beautifully made and it looks great hanging on my wall. This could be the start of a butterfly collection!”

“Wow, apart from the fact that they are bigger, you can hardly tell that they’re not real… that’s pretty cool.”

The exhibition will run from 24 November leading up to Christmas offering perfect Xmas presents for your loved ones.

Join us for some incredible colours, summer breeze and wine on 24 November between 4 PM and 8:30 PM!


Nov 24 2018


16:00 - 20:30
Chester Art Centre


Chester Art Centre
132 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HT
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  1. Jude Fox says :Reply

    So beautiful, I recently commented on the Open Culture Winter Arts Market Facebook page about an artist they’re promoting who uses real butterflies displayed this way and stated it was in poor taste with the decline in our insect population – this is the right way to bring their beauty to the public’s attention

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