Space Dive – Art Exhibition by Luciana Hermida – private view

Luciana Hermida is a visual artist and graphic designer from Buenos Aires (Argentina), based in Chester UK.

Luciana brings a unique approach to mixed media art. Through her series ’Space Dive’ she looks to challenge the way we perceive reality. In this series there is also a prominent protagonism given to the creatures of the deep sea, a very deep passion of hers. These creatures are put in unusual environments alongside unusual elements in order to create imaginary worlds and challenge the mind. The creatures swim into space and vice-versa. There is no set narrative. The space, the sea and land are merged in order to allow the creatures move around freely.

‘Space Dive’ invites the observer to let go of natural ways of perceiving the world and dive into space with the imagination.

Seduction, metamorphosis, transformation, after life, time travelling are some of the topics that appear in Luciana’s artworks present in the series ‘Space Dive’.

Her art is visually stimulating as well as an imagination stimulant. Bright bold colours are embraced, giving each piece a very contemporary and fresh feel.

We look forward to seeing you for Luciana’s Space Dive private view on 23 May, 2019, between 6:30 and 8:30!

The exhibition will run until 6 June 2019.


May 23 2019


18:30 - 20:30
Chester Art Centre


Chester Art Centre
132 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HT
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