Random Marks – Art Exhibition by RANDOM

We are extremely excited to finally invite you to this fantastic show which had to be postponed so many times before! ‘Random Marks’ by Random is an exhibition we have been looking forward to for a long time now!

The exhibition will run between 5 and 26 April with the preview taking place on April 7th.

‘I believe I’m addicted to art; it’s a condition I inherited from my parents.

No matter what I am doing, watching or reading, I am all too easily distracted by a shape, or a shadow, and even in the most gripping movies my eye will always go to the paintings and sculptures in the background.

I love making art, every aspect of it brings me joy. I love the focus it brings where you lose hours chasing a curve on a sculpture or cutting ever more intricate stencils. I love the obsession that I experience when I’m in the middle of a piece, I love the thinking and planning process, I love learning new techniques and then experimenting with them, I love the finished pieces.

This exhibition consists of work I have produced over the last few years, both pre and post Covid. It reflects my changing passions and interests from stencil work and spray paint to printmaking, carving and mould making though to pure sculpture. Each new technique and method I have learnt feeds back into previous skills,  reinforcing and adapting them in a continuous evolving loop of creative possibility.

Street art has played a significant role in my development as an artist and I have had the privilege of painting at festivals such as Upfest and Street Level. I have work displayed (both officially and unofficially) in cities across the UK and Europe as well as a couple of pieces in New York.

My work is created with paper, spray paint, steel and resin. These materials are available to everyone, but when treated with care and attention can transform into objects that allow the viewer to see the world from a slightly different perspective.

I am a self-taught artist and I live and work in North Wales, my work is (hopefully) a reflection of the artists whose work I have admired over the years.

I Hope you enjoy the show’.



Apr 07 2022 - Apr 08 2022


18:00 - 21:00
Chester Art Centre


Chester Art Centre
132 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HT
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