PATHS – Exhibition Preview

A path is a good starting point both physically and mentally for anyone.

As a collaboration of artists;  Natalie, John and Keith, working in different media we feel that this is also a good starting point for our first joint project.

The subject also allows us to go off on other tangents to explore how we can each portray our own responses.

We feel that this collaboration of emotion, expression and observation is more than the sum of it’s parts and that Fine Art and Photography have influenced and involved us together throughout the project.


Natalie McGahan – Fine Art

I am a lover of Art and the Arts.  Painting and generally creating are very important to me and when I’m not creating for long periods of time it gets to me.

My work, whether it be my own work or commissions, is all emotion based. I like to feel what my senses are feeling and put it into my work.

I am a single mother of one – my daughter being my greatest creation to date.

My work is mostly murals and portraits and human interest is always important to me.

I don’t like to talk too much about my work.  I like people to make of it what they wish.


John Petch – Fine Art

I began painting in the mid-1960s. Moving from Op Art to Geometrical Abstraction. Trained to teach art in Liverpool working in a number of Merseyside schools until retiring, my work is characterised by boldness of colour and shape, painting in acrylic mainly on canvas. I paint what interests me.

My previous work investigates the relationship between line and space in the urban landscape with a series of hard edge paintings in a minimalist abstracted purist form having recognisable architectural elements. It is the exploration of how light reflects and interacts from the viewer’s perspective.

I was recently commissioned by the band ‘Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’ to produce paintings to be used on the sleeve of their forthcoming studio album ‘Punishment of Luxury’ to be released 1st September 2017 and single releases from the album.

At present I have four paintings being exhibited in the Liverpool Art Fair, on display until 10th September at the Pier Head Village, Liverpool.

To view my portfolio, find out more or contact visit



Keith Wilkinson  – Photography

I have always loved photography and use it to express my interpretation of the world around me.

It is fascinating to me that a photograph has content informed by a point of view, but is, in itself, a slice of time, and a managed slice of time at that.

From the aspect of the photograph there is no before, no after, and nothing outside the boundaries of the frame.

My ‘point of view’ in this project was to record within this frame, peoples’ relationship with paths, from their physical presence to the evidence of their prior passage coupled with a feeling of the geometry of the built environment.


The exhibition will run for 3 weeks in total until the 24th of August, do not miss!


Aug 04 2017


18:00 - 20:30
Chester Art Centre


Chester Art Centre
132 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HT
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