The Poetry of Where Land Meets Sea – an afternoon of Art & Poetry

Join us for a magical reading of poetry by Mike Penney, which inspired ‘The Poetry of Where Land Meets Sea’ art exhibition by Sue Walsh that is currently on at Chester Art Centre!

Surrounded by the ethereal coastal artwork, immerse yourself into the freshness of the Scottish seaside…

This exhibition of paintings is inspired by the beautiful British coastline, and captures the relationship between the land and the sea with its ever-changing colours, light and atmosphere.

Equally as evident in these works is the emotional response to the landscape.

“I aim to capture the essence of a scene through the abstraction of colour and light. The colours work in harmony to capture a moment in time.

Whilst the moment is transitory, the mood evokes elemental connections we have with places that feel eternal – this  [ our relationship with coastal landscapes] is an aspect of Mike’s poetry that impresses me”.

(C)Sue Walsh

A chance meeting  between the artist Sue Walsh with the poet, Mike Penney, led to this exhibition, a collaboration between artist and poet.

The exhibition will run between 13 July and 3 August 2021

You can view some of Sue’s work here in our online gallery, but no new pieces have been revealed yet! 🙂

Sue Walsh – Art Exclusive International

Mike Penney started writing poetry in the early 1970’s, and was first published by the Cestrian Press in 1974. Since then Mike, to-date, has appeared in numerous anthologies, magazines, broadsheets, etc. (over 60 publications) along with his own personal collection, Where Silence Deepens, published in 2016. Mike is also a founder member of Chester Poets, and over the years has read live on
many an occasion, as well as making radio appearances. As well as writing poems on the theme of the sea, Mike otherwise has been quite diverse in his subject matters, with poems on other aspects of nature with both rural and city landscape, on spiritual and esoteric concepts, along with inner journeys and world issues.

Balnakeil (Sutherland)

the tide roars wild,
pounds unceasing,
no restrictions.
earth and sky yawn large,
exults the breath
to yearning.
each crash of wave
all cleansing,
each blur
of boiling surf,
horizons raw,
all absorbing.

We will have two readings on Saturday, 24th of June, the first one at 2 PM in the afternoon and the second one at 5 PM.

Do come along and bring your friends!

Both the Artist and the Poet are going to be present, of course 🙂






Jul 24 2021


14:00 - 18:00
Chester Art Centre


Chester Art Centre
132 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HT
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