Labyrinth – an exhibition of art photography by Anastasia Tilston

Dear Friends,

Pretty much everyone who has ever visited Chester Art Centre will have met me – I am usually the one hosting art exhibitions, organizing stuff, running around and figuring things out. Most of you will have asked me at some point if I did any art myself and I will have answered, “I do a bit of art photography, but I don’t have much time to do my own art because I’m always so busy”.

Well, actually, I have been doing quite a lot of art photography in the past couple of years as it turned out! In between the exhibitions, my 2 businesses and everyday life I have managed to snap away somehow. I have been doing some group shows now and again but not solos. And now this is finally happening! I have decided to celebrate my Birthday in style, with my art exhibition preview, to which you are of course invited! It’s hard to believe that the gallery will be filled with my own pictures next month as I honestly couldn’t imagine that I’d have time to plan everything and to do it properly. As a matter of fact, I don’t… :). But I’m doing my best with the time given…



‘Labyrinth’ is an exhibition showcasing some of my favourite pictures. I tend to dislike a lot of my photography and always think that I could have done better. I will let you know if I ever do – but for now, you are welcome to come and see my crazy world captured through a lens of a camera and printed on the finest quality Giclee printer (which we’ve got right here!) as I see it every day. I hope you will like it or at least find it interesting! My exhibition will run from the 10th until the 19th of October.

A special THANK YOU goes to Bryn Sutcliffe and Mark Edmonds, who have been encouraging me to keep doing art (sometimes even forcing me slightly – Bryn! Naughty!). You most probably have met them too – Bryn is our artist in residence and master framer and Mark exhibits his beautiful art with us, sometimes helps around the gallery and paints our walls from time to time! They have been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic about my pictures and without them two, I probably wouldn’t have had taken that many photos and definitely wouldn’t have been exhibiting now. Love you guys! The rest of Chester Art Centre crew have been fantastic too – cheers everyone for your support and for believing in me! 🙂


So, yes, it is happening. Save the date and join us all at Chester Art Centre for a few Birthday drinks, Italian nibbles and some arty photos on the 14th of October between 5 PM and 9.30 PM! I really look forward to seeing you there.





Oct 14 2017


17:00 - 21:30
Chester Art Centre


Chester Art Centre
132 Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HT
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