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The Enchanted World of Collage by Liz Taylor

24 October - 8 November

'I paint random strokes, cut up, cut out, scrape, throw away and keep.  I explore and experiment creating art on a number of surfaces; canvas, cardboard, paper, fabric and wood. However, cardboard is my favourite surface which can be cut into, ripped, glued, painted and glossed. An ordinary cardboard box can be transformed into a beautiful orange tulip or a block of flats or a favourite seaside resort or collaged into an imaginary place and time.

My background is in the professional theatre therefore I am drawn to art that has a story to tell.  “What is behind the door?”,  “What happens in the enchanted garden?”,  ”Who lives in these identical houses?” , “Who are these beautiful women?”...  I can’t help it, my aim is to encourage the observer to browse and ponder; to stop for a while and enjoy being drawn into a world of make believe.

My art is a sneak preview into my mind and wild imagination; which could be somewhat worry some!

Enjoy this small collection of my work'.


Little Birdhouse Arts Organisation

Light & Sound Photography Exhibition by Jack Thompson

'Light & Sound' will be featuring pieces ranging from those taken at Clonter Opera Theatre ( ), such as some of the UK and Europe’s finest emerging opera stars, or of London’s internationally celebrated Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club’s House Band & Friends; to those at Jazz & Blues Festivals; or intimate settings with musicians and friends gathering to share songs, stories, and poems at folk sessions and sing-a-rounds; or those which capture audience members and their very personal dialogue with music and life – the ‘Light & Sound’ exhibition showcases the diversity & richness of Jack’s musical portraiture, in which there is such movement throughout, and at the same time, a beautiful sense of stillness, love, tenderness, light, joy, and above all, humanity within.

Jack Thompson is an emerging, largely self-taught photographer and painter, based in Cheshire.

As a portraitist first and foremost, exploring the space in which interaction, dialogue and exchange takes place; the relation and interplay between, is primarily the inspiration and intentionality behind his work.

Not being able to afford expensive equipment, tools and materials, his practice; the way he makes art has necessarily required simplicity in approach. He responds to, captures and represents something of the essence of an experience; what is seen and felt, with honesty and sincerity.

Late 2016 saw Jack being offered what, for him, was a ‘chance of a lifetime’ opportunity by Clonter Opera Theatre, to take up a Photographer-In-Residence appointment. This has been a wonderfully suited and fitting role in which to further explore the human condition, to hone his skills, and develop his practice situated in the context of music performance and theatre.

In this role he has photographed, or is due to photograph, amongst others, internationally celebrated musicians such as London’s Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club’s House Band & Friends; Colum Sands featuring special guests Brennan and Buchanan; and some of the UK and Europe’s finest emerging opera stars at the outset of their professional careers. He has also had the honour and privilege to photograph far more intimate music events at Clonter Opera Theatre. For example, those at which residents of local care homes, those living with severe health conditions, and carers were invited to enjoy afternoon tea with live music by Flossie Malavialle and Friends.

With Jack’s strong humanitarian, respectful and holistic approach, and passion for nurturing and enabling independence and growth in others, he is thoroughly embracing and enjoying this opportunity at Clonter Opera Theatre, who, both as an organisation and charity, also passionately believes in the development and education of young people, and in enabling them to realise their potential.

The exhibition will run from October 24 until November 14 with the preview night taking place on Thursday the 26th of October at 6.30 PM!
Join us for some amazing photography, meet Jack and many of those amazing people, whose stories Jack tells us with his pictures.


All proceeds from the sales will be donated to the following charities / non-profit charitable organisations:

Clonter Farm Music Trust ( )

Cheshire Arts For Health ( )

Marie Curie Cance Care ( )




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